Table 2

Mean scores for cognitive measures at initial assessment of 237 patients with first-episode psychosis

Cognitive measureMean score (and SD)Range
Verbal fluency
 Category fluency37.6 (9.1)12–67
 Letter fluency32.3 (10.0)4–61
Visual-spatial ability and motor speed
 Digit symbol8.7 (2.7)3–20
 Trails A35.3 (15.3)
 Immediate verbal memory21.1 (22.1)1–96
 Delayed verbal memory22.1 (20.2)1–95
 Immediate serial learning40.2 (11.4)8–67
 Delayed serial learning7.4 (3.2)0–15
 Visual memory (Rey recall)20.6 (7.0)0–36
Executive functioning
 WCST categories5.1 (1.7)0–6
 WCST perseverative errors14.7 (13.3)4–94
 Trails B83.6 (52.4)15–300
Visual attention (CPT)85.5 (10.9)0–99
Early information processing (SPAN)46.5 (9.3)13–62
  • Note: SD = standard deviation; WCST = Wisconsin Card Sorting Test; CPT = Continuous Performance Test; SPAN = Forced-Choice Span of Apprehension Test.