Table 3

Significance of correlations between cognitive functioning and level of substance use at the initial assessment and 1-year and 2-year follow-ups

Cognitive measureSubstance used; significance of correlation*
Verbal fluency
 Category fluencyNSNS, −0.21, NSNSNSNS
 Letter fluencyNSNSNSNSNS
Visual-spatial ability and motor speed
 Digit symbolNSNSNSNSNS
 Trails ANS, −0.29, NSNSNSNSNS
 Immediate verbal memoryNSNSNS, NS, 0.29NSNS
 Delayed verbal memoryNSNSNS, NS, 0.32NSNS
 Immediate serial learning0.20, NS, NSNSNS0.14, NS,NS0.14, NS, NS
 Delayed serial learningNSNSNSNSNS
 Visual memory (Rey recall)NS, 0.23, NSNSNSNSNS
Executive functioning
 WCST perseverative errorsNSNSNSNSNS
 Trails BNS, −0.22, −0.31NSNSNSNS
Visual attention (CPT)NSNSNSNSNS
Early information processing (SPAN)NSNSNSNSNS
  • Note: NS = not significant.

  • * Where there are 3 cell entries, the first refers to the first assessment data, the second to the 1-yr follow-up data and the third to the 2-yr follow-up data; p < 0.05.