Table 1

Demographic characteristics of the patients and controls

CharacteristicGroup; mean (and standard deviation)*
Patients with schizophrenia (n = 44)Control subjects (n = 20)
Age, yr29.7 (7.2)32.5 (6.1)
Education, yr14.7 (3.0)15.3 (1.9)
Male:female ratio37:717:3
 Positive scale13.7 (5.1)NA
 Negative scale15.2 (5.7)NA
 General psychopathology scale30.8 (8.2)NA
No. of admissions to hospital1.9 (1.8)NA
Duration of illness, mo49.6 (52.8)NA
  • Note: NA = not applicable; PANSS = Positive and Negative Syndrome Scale.11

  • * Unless stated otherwise.