Table 5

Observer Rating Scale: interrater agreement

ItemRater A and rater B1Rater A and rater B2Rater A and rater B3
No. of patients% agreeτp valueNo. of patients% agreeτp valueNo. of patients% agreeτp value
Hostile behaviour101001.0000.00151001.0000.00151001.0000.001
 Jumpy when touched101001.0000.00151001.0000.00151001.0000.001
 Voices were much louder101001.0000.00151001.0000.00151001.0000.001
VAS: irritability100.6890.00150.8000.00150.8000.001
VAS: quality of life100.5840.00150.8000.00150.8000.001
  • % agree = % raw agreement; τ = Kendall’s Tau-b coefficient (α = 0.05); p = significance (1-tailed); c = constant (no statistics were computed because rater A/B1/B2/B3 were constants); VAS = visual analog scale; — = no data.

  • Note: Rater A = author; B1 = psychiatrist; B2 = psychiatric social worker; B3 = psychiatric nurse.