Table 1

Functional neuroimaging studies included in the meta-analysis

StudyYearImagingNo. of patientsTreatmentNo. of foci
McGuire et al. (11)1994H215O PET4No9
Rauch et al. (12)1994C15O2 PET8Free for 2 wk5
Breiter et al. (13)19961.5-T fMRI8Yes (n = 8)26
Rauch et al. (14)2002H215O PET9No11
Mataix-Cols et al. (15)20041.5-T fMRI33*Yes (n = 12)30
Schienle et al. (16)20051.5-T fMRI10Yes (n = 5)13
Nakao et al. (17)20051.5-T fMRI10No7
Shin et al. (18)2006H215O PET12Free for 4 wk1
  • fMRI = functional magnetic resonance imaging; OCD = obsessive–compulsive disorder; PET = positron emission tomography.

  • ↵* This study involved 16 patients with OCD and 17 individuals without OCD.