Table 2

Anatomic location, MNI coordinates (mm), and corrected p values corresponding to altered connectivity in resting state networks in pre-HD and symp-HD groups

MNI coordinates, mm
Brain regionxyzp value
Pre-HD < controls
Sensorimotor network
 Right primary motor cortex (M1)2−32620.042
Dorsal attention network
 Right occipital fusiform gyrus36−78−180.041
Symp-HD < controls
Dorsal attention network
  Middle frontal gyrus320600.010
  Postcentral gyrus32−32620.010
  Precentral gyrus44−6560.042
  Supramarginal gyrus−36−30340.033
  Paracingulate gyrus−1214380.042
  Angular gyrus−38−42300.045
  Superior frontal gyrus−16−10600.041
Executive control network
 Right putamen34−240.010
Symp-HD < pre-HD
Executive control network
 Right superior parietal lobule38−44540.021
 Right putamen34−240.022
Symp-HD > pre-HD
Left frontoparietal network
 Right hippocampus34−26−80.036
 Left middle frontal gyrus−2834320.043
  • MNI = Montreal Neurological Institute; pre-HD = premanifest gene carriers of Huntington disease; symp-HD = symptomatic Huntington disease.