Table 2

Crude and adjusted odds ratio of prevalent depression according to the highest decile and the doubling of the serum concentration of endostatin

Group; factorCrude OR (95% CI)Adjusted OR (95% CI)*
Depressed at assessment, n = 63
 Highest decile of endostatin4.79 (1.56–14.75)1.78 (1.03–3.06)
 Doubling of endostatin2.10 (1.46–3.01)1.93 (1.31–2.84)
Depressed in the past or at assessment, n = 165
 Highest decile of endostatin2.89 (1.42–5.89)2.59 (1.57–4.28)
 Doubling of endostatin1.62 (1.22–2.13)1.52 (1.11–2.07)
Depressed in the past but not at assessment, n = 102
 Highest decile of endostatin1.91 (0.79–4.64)
 Doubling of endostatin1.29 (0.90–1.87)
  • CI = confidence interval; OR = odds ratio.

  • * Analyses adjusted for smoking, history of coronary heart disease and stroke, high triglycerides plasma homocysteine and use of antidepressants. Age was not entered in the models because it did not confound the association between serum endostatin and depression status.

  • Reference group: lowest decile of serum endostatin.