Table 2

Group comparisons of network activity

Model; t value, p value
Network; region; comparisonModel 1*Model 2Model 3
Salience network
Anterior cingulate cortex
 Control > anorexia nervosa4.590.0304.420.0023.85< 0.001
 Control > recovered3.870.0394.190.0054.390.011
Default mode network
 Control > anorexia nervosa3.580.0233.85< 0.0014.910.013
Sensorimotor network
Left postcentral gyrus
 Control > anorexia nervosa5.260.0285.420.0134.400.005
 Control > recovered4.510.064.810.0264.220.024
Right postcentral gyrus
 Control > anorexia nervosa5.030.0025.21< 0.001
 Recovered > anorexia nervosa4.500.0084.430.008
Supplementary motor area
 Control > anorexia nervosa4.640.0084.910.002
 Recovered > anorexia nervosa4.460.0194.530.018
  • * Model 1: covarying for age, body mass index, Beck Depression Inventory score, State Trait Anxiety Inventory score, psychiatric medication use (yes/no).

  • Model 2: covarying for the same as Model 1, excluding medication use.

  • Model 3: no covariates.