Table 2

Mean percentage of fibres projecting from the ALIC to the left MFC, OFC and thalamus in patients with MDD with and without a history of suicide attempts and healthy controls

Between-group t tests; p value
Brain regionF*p valueSuicide attempt < controlNo suicide attempt < controlSuicide attempt < no suicide attempt
Left MFC6.0390.0040.0010.0490.10
Left OFC12.7350.0010.0010.0060.009
Left thalamus11.1070.0010.0010.0220.006
  • ALIC = anterior limb of the internal capsule, MDD = major depressive disorder; MFC = medial frontal cortex; OFC = orbitofrontal cortex.

  • * Analysis of covariance.

  • 2-tailed.