Table 3

Increased activation during the experimental (lake) decision compared to the control (colour) condition*

Inferior parietal lobule40528836−554913.49
Superior parietal lobule727−675213.11
Inferior parietal lobule40−36−494610.77
Inferior frontal gyrus4730243320−212.01
Cingulate gyrus329204911.52
Middle frontal gyrus112750−810.63
Middle frontal gyrus289−3956410.76
Inferior frontal gyrus4796−3023−28.98
Inferior frontal gyrus9452−458318.79
Middle frontal gyrus46−5129316.72
Middle frontal gyrus6−30−1526.18
  • BA = Brodmann area; MNI = Montreal Neurological Institute.

  • * Significance threshold set at p < 0.05, family-wise error–corrected.

  • Coordinates of the peak voxel in the cluster.

  • Subcluster peaks are inserted.

  • § Maximal t value in the cluster.