Table 4

Overall fit of putative explicative models for major depression

A, B, C72701.2282.4382700.6946.7172735.9685.7112700.6537.813
A × B, C82699.9091.1192699.1655.1882734.0613.8402698.9796.139
A × C, B82699.7961.0062693.97702730.25702693.2320.392
A, B × C82699.9811.1912702.3907.2052737.9475.6962700.4097.569
A × B × C112698.79002695.1851.2082732.2511.9942692.8400
  • AIC = Akaike information criteria; df = degrees of freedom; MD = major depression.

  • * All models include (A) 5-HTTLPR triallelic, (B) BDNF Val66Met and (C) childhood maltreatment as risk factors and sex, age and baseline MD as covariates.

  • Degrees of freedom are associated with the analysis of every AIC model.

  • AIC-minAIC shows the difference between every AIC with respect to the lowest AIC value in each category. Differences lower than 3.84 (1.962) make the model statistically as good as the model with the minAIC value.