Table 2

Receiver operating characteristics curve evaluation for the different cerebrospinal fluid biomarkers in controls with neurologic disease and patients with Alzheimer disease

CSF biomarkersAUC (SE)Threshold valueSensitivity, %Specificity, %Youden Index
42, pg/mL0.89 (0.05)5850.830.921.76
T-τ, pg/mL0.91 (0.04)3450.830.961.79
p181τ, pg/mL0.91 (0.04)730.800.921.72
JNK3, ODU0.75 (0.07)70.30.800.731.56
  • Aβ = amyloid-β; AUC = area under the curve; CSF = cerebrospinal fluid; ODU = optical density units; p181τ = τ phosphorylated at threonine 181; SE = standard error; T-τ = total τ.