Table 2

Brain areas showing brain perfusion changes at rest in unmedicated and medicated patients with MDD (n=43) compared to controls (n=29)*

SPM analysisBPM analysis
ComparisonRegionxyzZNo. of voxelsRegionxyzZNo. of voxels
Controls > patientsRight cuneus16−9084.572703Right cuneus15−9084.552725
Right parahippocampal gyrus24−24−163.21Right parahippocampal gyrus22−26−143.45
Left parahippocampal gyrus−18−26−183.54449Left parahippocampal gyrus−18−26−183.40389
Left anterior cingulate−826−63.44214Left anterior cingulate−828−63.48238
Patients > controlsRight inferior parietal lobule34−62444.231955Right inferior parietal lobule34−62444.311933
Right middle temporal gyrus52−4583.43Right middle temporal gyrus52−4583.47
Right middle frontal gyrus2028464.072905Right middle frontal gyrus2028464.093242
Right medial frontal gyrus1025443.91Right superior frontal gyrus2532383.95
Right superior frontal gyrus830483.91Right medial frontal gyrus825443.72
Right middle frontal gyrus3815453.72Right middle frontal gyrus3815453.53
Left middle frontal gyrus−2420503.25Right middle frontal gyrus40−2523.47
Right superior frontal gyrus2055103.38
Left middle frontal gyrus−2420503.22
Right lentiform nucleus2010−24.03848Right lentiform nucleus2210−44.30896
Right caudate1510123.58Right caudate1610123.55
  • BPM = Biological Parametric Mapping; MDD = major depressive disorder; SPM = Statistical Parametric Mapping.

  • * Results of second-level t tests (standard SPM8 analysis) and analysis of covariance (BPM analysis), p < 0.005 uncorrected at the voxel level, p < 0.05 corrected for spatial extent.