Table 3

Correlation of habitual reappraisal (Emotion Regulation Questionnaire) with the 3 activated clusters of the interaction effect, patients with ADHD (negative view > neutral view) > healthy controls (negative view > neutral view)*

ClusterHealthy controlsADHDDifference
Cluster 10.0790.6520.5120.005−1.8420.033
Cluster 20.0510.7730.3890.037−1.3620.087
Cluster 3−0.0700.6900.4520.014−2.1120.017
  • ADHD = attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder.

  • * We computed Pearson correlation coefficients for both groups and compared them using Fisher z and normal distribution. However, the same pattern of correlations arises when nonparametric Spearman coefficients that are less susceptible to distorted distributions are computed.