Table 4

Correlations between clinical or polysomnographic data and diffusion measures connecting the left thalamus and the left pars triangularis in patients with insomnia

Fractional anisotropyRadial diffusivityAxial diffusivity
Insomnia duration, yr−0.2180.330.1420.53−0.2170.33
Epworth Sleepiness Scale score−0.3180.150.4370.0420.0170.94
Insomnia Severity Index score0.2540.25−0.1830.410.2100.35
Dysfunctional Beliefs and Attitudes About Sleep score0.1860.41−0.2380.29−0.0670.77
Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index score0.2790.21−0.2610.240.1670.46
Beck Depression Inventory (non-sleep score)*0.0180.94−0.0370.87−0.0280.90
Neuropsychological test data
 SOC, problems solved in minimal moves0.4510.034−0.3480.110.3550.11
Polysomnographic data
 Total sleep time, min−0.0460.84−0.0560.80−0.1150.61
 Sleep efficiency, %−0.2370.290.2800.21−0.0060.98
  • SOC = Stockings of Cambridge from the Cambridge Neuropsychological Test Automated Battery.

  • Statistical analyses were performed using Pearson’s r correlation.

  • * Beck Depression Inventory (non-sleep score): excluding the sleep item (16) from the total Beck Depression Inventory 21-item score.