Table 1

Functional magnetic resonance imaging studies involving patients at clinical high risk for psychosis included in the meta-analysis

StudyYearHigh-risk assessmentNo.% femaleAge, yrNo.% femaleAge, yrTeslafMRI methodStatistical thresholdTask
BrĂ¼ne et al.262011SIPS+BSABS2634291030261.5SPM5UncTheory of mind
Fusar-Poli et al.272010CAARMS1546251540241.5SPM5FWEPaired associate learning
Allen et al.282010CAARMS1546261540271.5SPM2CorrSentence completion task
Sabb et al.292010SIPS2450194340183FSLCorrLanguage processing
Pauly et al.302010CAARMS1217241217241.5SPM2Monte CarloN-back
Broome et al.312010CAARMS1530251730241.5XBAMFDRRandom movement generation
Allen et al.322009CAARMS2236281844271.5SPM2FWEFalse memory task
Broome et al.102009CAARMS1530251730241.5XBAMFDRVerbal fluency, n-back
Benetti et al.332009CAARMS1436261638241.5SPM5FWEDelayed match to sample
Seiferth et al.342008SIPS1217251217251.5SPM2FWEEmotional faces
  • BSABS = Bonn Scale for Assessment of Basic Symptoms;35 CAARMS = Comprehensive Assessment for the At-Risk Mental State;36 corr = corrected for multiple comparisons; FDR = false discovery rate; fMRI = functional magnetic resonance imaging; FWE = family-wise error; SIPS = Structured Interview for Prodromal Symptoms;37 unc = uncorrected for multiple comparisons.