Table 3

Voxel-based morphometric differences between patients with borderline personality disorder and healthy controls in regions of interest analysis

Contrast; location of peak voxels*MNI peak voxeltp value†zCluster size, k
Controls > BPD
 Right hippocampus28−30−46.67< 0.0015.75111
 Left hippocampus−26−30−44.870.0034.4553
BPD > controls
 Left hypothalamus−6−4−43.570.0233.3910
BPD with CTQ covaried
 Right hypothalamus4−6−123.690.073.2968
  • BPD = borderline personality disorder; CTQ = Childhood Trauma Questionnaire; (24) MNI = Montreal Neurological Institute.

  • * According to Automated Anatomic Labelling atlas.