Table 1

Characteristics of drug use in a sample (n = 1111) of out-of-treatment injection drug users

Group*No. of subjectsDrug (and route)Mean no. (and SD)
Days of useInjections/d
No heroinNo cocaine (NHC)353NA00
Cocaine (C)568Cocaine (IV)11.4 (9.5)8.1 (7.1)
HeroinNo cocaine (H)55Heroin (IV)16.3 (11.8)2.2 (1.4)
Cocaine (HC)135Heroin (IV)11.4 (11.6)2.2 (1.1)
Cocaine (IV)13.2 (10.4)9.2 (10.4)
  • Note: SD = standard deviation; NA = not applicable; IV = intravenous.

  • * The sample was divided into 4 groups (NHC, C, H and HC) according to the type of drug used in the month preceding the interview.