Table 2

Sites identified by conjunction analysis at which both healthy subjects and patients with schizophrenia exhibited a decrease in metabolism after risperidone, 2 mg

Location of decrease in metabolismTalairach coordinates of the most significant changePeak zUncorrected p value for peak z*Corrected p value for peak zCluster size (voxels)p value for cluster size§
Left lateral frontal cortex−46, 44, 24.54< 0.0010.00225990.031
Right medial frontal cortex18, 44, 323.75< 0.0010.0394150.43x
  • * The uncorrected p value represents the joint probability of a change as large as the observed change in the specified voxel under the null hypothesis.

  • The corrected p value represents the probability after correcting for multiple comparisons.

  • Cluster size refers to the number of contiguous voxels in which the joint p value is less than 0.05.

  • § The p value for cluster size represents the probability of observing a cluster as large as the observed cluster under the null hypothesis.