Table 3

Ghrelin effect on decision-making parameters*

Taskp value
GroupAgeGhrelinGhrelin × group
Delay discounting0.600.0240.170.036
Probability discounting for gains0.0050.820.200.74
Probability discounting for losses0.260.290.490.15
Mixed gamble0.160.430.320.07
  • * Findings are presented as the p values of F tests on general linear models containing group as the factor, age and ghrelin as covariates, and the group × ghrelin interaction. The group × ghrelin interaction was significant for delay discounting (DD). The linear coefficient relating ghrelin and kDD was decreased in patients with acute anorexia nervosa compared with healthy controls, resisting at the trend level when correcting for multiple testing (t109 = −1.967; estimate [standard error] = −0.0029 (0.0015); p = 0.098; posthoc t test, Bonferroni corrected).