Table 3

Partial correlations between alterations in white matter integrity and clinical variables in patients with major psychiatric disorders

Clinical variableWhite matter AWhite matter BWhite matter C
rp valuerp valuerp value
Hamilton Depression Rating Scale
 Somatic anxiety (factor) score0.1090.005*0.1270.001*0.1020.009*
 Psychic anxiety (factor) score0.0660.100.040.310.0780.048
 Core depressive (factor) score0.0590.130.0530.170.0730.06
 Anorexia (factor) score0.0630.110.0740.060.0650.10
 Total score0.0980.013*0.0970.013*0.1050.007*
Hamilton Anxiety Rating Scale, total score0.090.0270.10.013*0.0780.054
Young Mania Rating Scale, total score−0.0380.35−0.0470.250.0190.63
Brief Psychiatric Rating Scale
 Anxiety and depression (factor), score0.070.100.0650.130.0460.29
 Lack of energy (factor), score−0.0250.56−0.0940.028−0.0680.11
 Thought disorder (factor), score−0.0030.95−0.0780.07−0.0070.88
 Activity (factor), score0.0040.92−0.0430.320.0290.50
 Hostility (factor), score−0.0030.95−0.0580.18−0.0020.97
 Total score0.0190.66−0.0510.23−0.0010.99
Wisconsin Card Sorting Test
 Corrected responses0.0740.110.0640.160.0710.12
 Categories completed0.1140.0140.1230.008*0.110.017
 Total errors−0.0610.19−0.0620.18−0.0660.16
 Perseverative errors−0.0010.98−0.0170.71−0.0090.85
 Nonperseverative errors−0.1050.023−0.0730.12−0.1030.026
  • FDR = false discovery rate; white matter A = genu of corpus callosum, right external capsule, right uncinate fasciculus, right inferior fronto-occipital fasciculus; white matter B = fornix, right optic tract; white matter C = left inferior fronto-occipital fasciculus, left straight gyrus white matter, left olfactory radiation.

  • * Significant at pFDR < 0.05.

  • Significant at p < 0.05 (uncorrected).