Table 2

Correlation between task performance and functional near-infrared spectroscopy

TaskArea of the brain (fNIRS channel)Pearson correlationp value
Finger tapping
 Healthy controlsLeft motor area (channel 17)0.4930.02
 Patients without TRDRight VLPFC (channel 3)0.6520.002
 Patients with TRDLeft DLPFC (channel 5)0.4460.05
Right DLPFC (channel 13)0.5000.025
Verbal fluency
 Healthy controls
 Patients without TRD
 Patients with TRDLeft VLPFC (channel 2)−0.8450.000
Left VLPFC (channel 10)−0.5460.02
Right VLPFC (channel 14)−0.5190.02
Left motor area (channel 17)−0.5080.02
Dual task
 Healthy controlsRight VLPFC (channel 3)0.4210.045
Left DLPFC (channel 11)0.4290.03
Right VLPFC (channel 14)0.4160.04
 Patients without TRDLeft DLPFC (channel 9)0.5320.01
 Patients with TRDLeft motor area (channel 17)−0.4690.04
  • DLPFC = dorsolateral prefrontal cortex; HDRS-17 = Hamilton Depression Rating Scale (17 items); fNIRS = functional near-infrared spectroscopy; VLPFC = ventrolateral prefrontal cortex.