Table 4

Summary of the statistical assessment of data by analysis of variance

VariableCVMSGenotypeCVMS × genotype
F1,56p valueF1,56p valueF1,56p value
Marble burying test, marbles buried178.9< 0.0014.810.030.040.82
Open field test, periphery distance14.81< 0.0011.200.2723.29< 0.001
Open field test, periphery time10.520.00242.31< 0.00133.18< 0.001
Sucrose preference test, sucrose preference15.70< 0.0010.010.970.030.87
Tail suspension test, immobility15.74< 0.0013.
Forced swim test, immobility15.23< 0.0010.660.427.40.01
Plasma ACTH2.750.110.230.6311.630.004
Plasma corticosterone5.
Relative adrenal weight113.84< 0.0019.130.034.460.039
Relative thymus weight7.310.00924.59< 0.00115.790.002
Change in body weight100.85< 0.0014.710.033.720.06
Body weight11.680.0014.530.0371.0030.32
Ucn1 mRNA5.300.
UCN1 peptide0.940.340.450.505.220.03
  • ACTH = adrenocorticotropic hormone; CVMS = chronic variable mild stress; UCN1 = urocortin 1.