Table 2

BASC-2 PRS T scores

Composite scaleUnexposed controls
n = 47
Individuals with prenatal alcohol exposure
n = 29
Mean rankSum of ranksMean rankSum of ranksq value*
Externalizing Problems29.951407.5052.361518.50< 0.0010.24
Internalizing Problems36.001692.0042.551234.000.210.02
Behavioural Symptoms Index28.661347.0054.451579.00< 0.0010.32
Adaptive Skills50.6723 891.5018.78544.50< 0.0010.49
  • BASC-2-PRS = Behaviour Assessment System for Children, 2nd edition, Parent Rating Scale.

  • * For Benjamini–Hochberg false discovery rate correction, we assumed 4 tests for composite scales.