Table 1

Characteristics of included families

Family codeMembers, n [M/F] (n = 124)Tourette syndrome, n (n = 40)Other tic disorders, n (n = 40)Cosegregation probability P(seg)Healthy controls, n (n = 44)Comorbidities
A7 [4/3]310.06253ANX
B8 [5/3]320.01563ADHD, ANX, MDD, OCD
C9 [4/5]240.00783ANX
D7 [5/2]220.01563ANX, MDD, OCD
E7 [4/3]220.06253
F11 [7/4]440.00783
G4 [2/2]120.251ANX
H6 [4/2]230.125 or 0.125*1ADHD, ANX, OCD
I6 [4/2]220.06252ANX, MDD, OCD
J5 [2/3]120.252ANX, MDD, OCD
R6 [4/2]130.1252ANX
S6 [2/4]400.1252MDD, OCD
T9 [4/5]230.125 or 0.25*4OCD
U6 [5/1]220.06252
W14 [7/7]440.0009766
X5 [2/3]210.1252ADHD
Y8 [4/4]330.031252MDD, OCD
  • ADHD = attention-deficit and hyperactivity disorder; ANX = anxiety disorder; F = female; M = male; MDD = major depression disorder; OCD = obsessive– compulsive disorder.

  • * In families H and T, 2 segregation patterns were analyzed (see Appendix 1, available at