Table 6

Genes identified as being associated with Tourette syndrome that were previously implicated in psychiatric and neurologic disorders

Autism spectrum disorderNRXN3, NLGN1, PIK3CG, EPB41L3, CACNA1C
SchizophreniaERBB4, NRXN1
Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorderADGRL3, PTPRD
Obsessive–compulsive disorderPTPRD
Restless legs syndromePTPRD, BTBD9
DeafnessCLDN14, CDH23,
Speech/sound disordersROBO2, KCNMA1
Alzheimer diseaseCTNNA3
Amyotrophic lateral sclerosisERBB4
Developmental delayKCNMA1, CELF2
Other neurologicalCOL25A1, ZBTB20, CELF2, CACNA1C