Table 1

Summary of change over 3 years of treatment with metformin

CharacteristicPre-metformin (September 2019)Post-metformin (July 2022)Change over ~3 years
Metabolic profile
 Weight95.6 kg49.2 kg−46.4 kg
 Waist circumference108 cm65 cm−43 cm
 BMI42.5 kg/m221.9 kg/m2−20.6 kg/m2
 Fasting glucose6.4 mmol/L*5.6 mmol/L−0.8 mmol/L
 Fasting insulin297 pmol/L*61 pmol/L−236 pmol/L
 Triglycerides2.35 mmol/L*1.26 mmol/L−1.09 mmol/L
 Total cholesterol5.87 mmol/L*5.04 mmol/L−0.83 mmol/L
 Low-density lipoprotein cholesterol2.93 mmol/L*2.28 mmol/L−0.65 mmol/L
 High-density lipoprotein cholesterol1.87 mmol/L*2.19 mmol/L0.32 mmol/L
Cognitive measures
 Category Fluency Test17 points22 points5 points
 Digit Symbol Substitution Test51 points58 points7 points
 Trail Making Test A25.64 s, 1 mistake18.87 s, 0 mistakes−6.77 s
 Trail Making Test B45.04 s, 0 mistakes36.52 s, 1 mistake−8.52 s
Psychopathology measures
 Brief Psychiatric Rating Scale – total score31285
 Clinical Global Impressions Scale541
  • BMI = body mass index; HOMA-IR = Homeostatic Model Assessment for Insulin Resistance.

  • * Bloodwork reported from about 3 months into metformin treatment (December 2019).